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These are... well... Sprites that I've edited. Simple, ne?
Oh, and all these sprites were done in MSPaint.
Newest sprites on top.
Oh, and Netscape users will have one heck of a time trying to see some of the sprites.
NOTE: Do NOT steal these edits! It doesn't matter what you need them for, or who you are. YOU ASK FIRST BEFORE UPLOADING THEM OR USING THEM!!! I don't care WHO you are--friend or commoner. You steal, you pay.


Some crappy sprites I mde for a friend. They aren't bad, but they aren't good, either.
K9999 was the base.

This had more editing than it looks...

Eric Marrs, a good friend of mine at Meleenium.
Benimaru was the base, though he's too buff... Next time, I should use Chris.

(Note to self: Fix transparency)

An edit I made of a random d00d a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.
Thus, it sucks.
I used two Terry Bogard poses and Kain's pants. R0xx0rd.

He looks a bit like a pirate. He looks a bit like a pirate.

Two MvC portraits of Strider Silence.
Ryu/Jin/A couple bits of scratch was used in the making.

Hug her. I dare you.

An attempt at a feminine pose for Dash.
Dash is quite possibly the only time I'll use the slutty Mai as a base.

Carol's School.
More sucky scratch. Whoo.

More Hikage goodness. If Hikage could be called 'good' anyway. : P More Hikage goodness. If Hikage could be called 'good' anyway. : P

Hikage in a cocky blocking pose. Comes in two flavors: Fighting uniform, and casual.
I actually used three bases for this one. Evil Ryu's head, Kyo's flame-over-head intro pose for the body, and Kyo's "Burnt?" winpose for the raised arm.
Useless Fact: When I posted this on Inner Circle, the word "cocky" came out as "thingyy". Yes, including the extra "y". Next time, I should put "arrogant"... Although it doesn't have the same amount of kick as "cocky".


A Select Big for Hikage, though why I still haven't given Fury one yet is still a mystery.
All your base are belong to K9999.

[eerie moan] I've got something in my throat...

Hikage, Fury's evil side.
Evil Ryu = Base

Call it a self-portrait. Or a self-sprite, if you will. Or whatever.

Simply put: A crappy version of real life me.
Kensou was the base.

Awwww... She's so cute.

Carol. Fury's red-eyed adopted daughter.
The base was Material. Of course, she happened to be a mere pallette-swap with minor editing, but I was liked how she looked. However, I wasn't happy with just a pallette-swap with minor editing, so I made a second outfit for her--see below.
Fun fact: Someone pointed out to me that this costume makes Carol look like Excel from Excel saga, and even showed me a pic for proof. It was a pure coincidence, but it's kinda funny how similar they look! : )

Fun Fact: The red stripe indicates that she's of the Hikari clan.

Aaaaaaaaand here is Carol's second outfit. If I feel like it, I might do a third.

Now... What exactly is the Saito clan?

Samanosuke of the Saito Clan, an AWESOME sprite editor.
You would not BELIEVE how long it took me to get the hair right.
Gee, what do you think the base was?

Ooooohhh, creepy.

Psyclown, another sprite editor at Inner Circle.
Base was Jin Chonrei.

Ever seen 8-Bit theater?

Black Mage VS Ryu. Hadoken VS Hadouken.
The base for Black Mage was Ryu. Hat was from scratch, which explains why it sucks so much.

More sucky scratch goodness.

Shadow Warrior, another person in Hikari Productions.
Left was from scratch, right was an edit.
The base for the edit was Billy Lee.

I suck at scratch, huh?

Eternal Pharaoh, another person in Hikari Productions. The left one was done by scratch, the right one was an edit.
I used a Pharaoh Man head fro the scratch sprite, and I used three poses from CvS Ken for the edit.

Aleeuh's not the only one on Fury's tail!

Sir Blood, the second in command of the Bloody Knights. In case you cared, the first in command is Lord Blood. ...It's medieval, get it? ...Never mind...
Spidey was the base.

Doesn't he look like Terry Bogard? Admit it.

Random Ryu edit...


Another request I did from a good friend named ProtoBass. This is him out of his armor.
Is it just me, or does Guy make a good base?

She's mad. : )

Evil Sakura, an original character of mine to cope with all those other 'evil' SFs...
Gee, guess who I used as a base, hmmmmmm?