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So... You're leaving, huh? About time. WHY DIDN'T YOU LEAVE THIS CRAPPY BANE OF REALITIES SOONER?!?! ARE YOU INSANE?!?! Ah well, I guess it can't be helped.
Please keep in mind that I do not have enough time every day to check these links all the time. If a link is broken or needs changed, send me an e-mail and tell me about it!

The Inner Circle

Currently THE site about sprite editing and artwork.
Click it.
Join the Inner Circle.
It 0\/\/|\|z j00.


The official site of MUGEN. 'Nuff said.

THE Mega Man Homepage

This site is for anything and everything Mega Man! THIS SITE HAS NO EQUAL!!! It even has Mega Man books!

The Metroid Database

The Metroid Database is to Metroid as the Mega Man Homepage is to Mega Man: THE best scource of information for that topic!

The CastleVania Dungeon

Literally EVERYTHING CastleVania. THE site for your CastleVania needs. THE best CastleVania site. I will send Dracula after you if you don't go now.

KNIGHT Productions

I quote: "My website that seriously rips off Fury's Hikari Productions."
Also the third site to link to me.

Strout's Ink

Arne seems to be the only one that updates this site, the comics haven't been updated in a while and/or there's only a few in the comic series, so why is this link up here? One phrase: ARNE'S GAMES 0\/\/|\| J00!!!

Zany Video Game Quotes

Making fun of the Engrish in video games since 1998.

Super Smash Stadium

Everything you loved about SSB...kicked up a notch.

Galactica Phantom

Stuck on a KoF game? Just can't figure out any of the characters' moves? Want bios and information on the KoF fighters? Then get to Galactica Phantom!

The Fighter's Generation

A site dedicated to fighting games, and fighting game characters. Almost every fighter in existance is listed in here!


MUGEN Development Forum

Gee, I feel like my opinion matters! ^_^ They are now truly taking action against flamers! And, by some great "coincidence", it happened right after I started saying they didn't act well against flamers!

Melee-nium 2002

Welp, after an admin blew up the old board and made the main forum "F*** YOU ALL!!!", they fired him, and made a new board.

Don Miguel's RM2K World

Not the greatest message board ethics-wise, but the greatest if you have problems in RM2K or need some ideas. Also great to get unbiased opinions on your ideas or releases.

Inner Circle Message Board

A forum all about sprite editing.


8-Bit Theater

What would happen if the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy went up against an evil villian? Well, we don't know, but here we get to see what would happen if hero rejects did that.

Bob and George

I quote: "What does Bob and George have to do with Mega Man? Finding out is half the fun."

Pocket Theater

What Street Fighters do in their spare time. Just art at times, though.

Final Fantasy Excursions

I'm guessing it should be called "RPG Warriors' Excursions".

Game Jumpers

More offensive than the video games you remember.
WARNING: Contains mature themes.


Oolong V's MUGEN Bookmarks

Almost every MUGEN site is listed here. We'd go to them all if we only had the time...
Oh, and the very first site that linked to me.

Smash Planet International

Second site to link to me.