Rants and Commentaries


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Here are rants! Anti-climatic, huh?

There are multiple aspects of my life. Some are awesome and helpful, and would be useful to tell online. Others, however, are a little commonplace and not quite so awesome, so people don't give a crap about them.
These wonderful commentaries belong to the latter description.
These are usually AIM chats logged by me or different quizzes I've taken.
Either way, they go up here.
(NOTE: I don't just put ANYTHING up here. I only put something up if it stands out to me in some way)

Commentary 4


Commentary 3

Personality Quizzes r0xx0rs

Commentary 2

Vital Statistics R0xx0rz

Commentary 1

Gotta love ad-bots.

Ah yes. Rants. Everybody loves rants.
If you don't know what Rants are, then I pity you.
Either way, though, there is something that seperates these rants from others:
[big booming voice] THE OPINION FACTOR!!! [/big booming voice]
The opinion factor (or "Opinionation", as I call it) tells how important I think it is for everyone to read.
High Opinionation means that it's just an annoyance to me, something I wish was changed, but it isn't the end of the world if it's not.
Low Opinionation means that it's something everyone should read, because it either (1) bothers a LOT of people, or (2) is just plain idiotic. Either way, it will need to be changed.

Rant 7

Cloning: Utterly pointless.
Written by Knight9910
Opinionation: Low

Rant 6

Roll and Bass. The idiotic romance idea.
Opinonation: Medium-Low


Fighting game UNrealism
Opinionation: High

Rant 4

Sexuality in video games--is it going overboard?
Written by fan Mr. Master.
Opinionation: Medium-Low

Rant 3

What's in a name?
Opinionation: Medium

Rant 2

Power corrupts...or causes idiodicy.
Opinionation: Medium-Low

Rant 1

Nightmare AIs.
Opinionation: Medium-High

If you have a rant you want to put up on this site, don't be hesitant to send it in! Send it to warrior_x@zeldaclassic.com!