Rant 2


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Power corrupts... or causes idiodicy.

It is said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, it has also been proven that power can cause complete idiodicy all the time or mere idiotic moments. However, at times, these moments can make you wonder, "How the heck did he become admin in the first place?!"
Person 1:
TYPE: Complete Idiodicy
There is an person who will make other people admins on his board even if they merely request it. He doesn't realize, even after people have said it, that if he admins just anyone who requests it, his board will eventually be destroyed by someone. In fact, he even banned the people who warned him, saying they were trying to take over the board.
His EZBoard has now indeed been destroyed, and his account deleted--a fitting punishment.
His name: TheOneMaster
Person 2:
TYPE: Complete Idiodicy
I know of an admin who expects to be respected no matter what he does (merely because he's an admin at another board himself), and also always wants to fight. Never mind the fact that fights are impossible to have online. Never mind the fact that even if they do fight, it will eventually end in moding. Never mind the fact that he can't spell worth crap and online fights require good spelling.
He's also gone so far as to select a huge personal icon. When people on another board complained to him about it and requested he change it, he flat-out refused and started flaming the entire board. He said they were guilty of "disrespecting an admin". Um... Whooptee fizz. I'm an admin at a couple boards as well and I don't go around flaming people when they ask my personal icon be made smaller. And I don't go around calling myself a "god", either.
His name: SwordSaint7777
(UPDATE: Thankfully, he is now working on the idiodicy)
Person 3:
TYPE: Idiotic Moment
This admin banned my friend simply because he was disagreeing with another admin. In fact, the other admin was attacking his sprites, and my friend was disagreeing with him, trying to protect his sprites--defending the fact that half the parts he used for his sprites were made by scratch. However, this admin ignored all that and just banned my friend away, saying that he was causing "mental and emotional disturbance". Never mind the fact that you're supposed to get at least three warnings and a "twink" before you're banned. My friend didn't even get a warning, much less a "twink".
Oh, and the admin also used the fact that my friend insulted him as a springboard for the banning. This, in and of itself, is not bad. But what makes it bad is that before the banning my friend apologized (saying he had only meant it as a joke) and the admin supposedly "forgave" him. When the banning came, he even allowed the other members of the board to think that my friend HADN'T apologized.
His name: Fox Astron
Person 4:
TYPE: Idiotic Moments
This admin whines, whines, whines all the time. Whenever he does something, then people say they don't like it, he whines that "whenever he does something, people always hate it!" Uh... maybe because it sucks? A javascript clock that gets in the way of the browser isn't exactly the best thing in the world. And trying to rally us to flame X-Box/Anti-Nintendo boards is just plain stupid.
But these are all forgivable. What isn't is the fact that he does EVERYTHING in his power to convince us that "we're wrong and he's right". Flames, changing titles, unlocking topics that were supposed to stay locked...Everything except banning us. Even if he's arguing with an expert on the subject. I just find this plain idiotic. It's like he's arguing with an electrician about how electricity conducts.
Now, thankfully, he is no longer an admin. And, again thankfully, he is now working on the idiodicy--I'm believing because he no longer has power.
His name: Pat of SSS
I could list many more, but I believe you people have realized the point by now. If you haven't realized it yet, here it is:
What makes this sad is the fact that admins are supposed to be an example to the rest of the community--the community's role model, so to speak. Let's just hope that other people haven't followed their "examples", otherwise we may have a crisis on our hands.