Rant 3


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What's in a name?

Responses from: Meleenium2002

Samus... K9999... Strider Hiryu... K'...
What do all these names have in common? Simple: They are the most mis-pronounced.
Don't get me wrong. My rant is not simply about people who mis-pronounce their names. Doing so would be hypocrital of me. I used to be one of them.
My rant is about people who claim to be their biggest fans...and they can't even pronounce their names properly. You'd think if someone was something's "greatest fan", then he should AT LEAST know the proper way to pronounce their name! If someone goes up to me while I'm playing Marvel VS Capcom, and says to me "You know, I'm one of Strider's biggest fans.", then my first thought is "Then he should beat you upside the head."
HIRYU!!! HIRYU!!! HIS NAME IS "HIRYU", PEOPLE!!! NOT "STRIDER"!!! A "Strider" is what he is! It's like saying your name is "Person"--a person is what you are, but it's not your name. Same with Hiryu--"Strider" is what he is, not his name!
Once you become a hardcore fan of the Strider series (reffering to the game name), then you'll learn that there's more than one Strider.
Strider Hien, Strider Sheena, Strider Kain, Strider Escuridao, Strider Dikappri, Strider Silence, Strider Yurei... You refer to Hiryu as "Strider", and you'll have hardcore Strider fans knocking you down saying "Which Strider?"
(PS: Yes, I know some of the said Striders were fan-made Striders. So sue me. I'm trying to make a point here)
Samus' name is an even worse case. SSB and SSBM have been out for quite a while now. Almost every fan of Samus has a copy. SO WHY IS HER NAME MISPRONOUNCED?! The announcer in the games pronounces her name CLEARLY as "Sah-mus". And yet people go around talking about SSB or SSBM, and pronounce her name as "Say-mus". You have to try hard to be this clueless, you really do.
K's (pronounced "Kay-Dash") and K9999's (pronounced "Kay-Four-Nine") names I can forgive, since only about half of the fighting game fans have heard of SNK, and only about three-quarters of that number have ever played their games. When I was young, I had always thought that Capcom was the only producer of fighting games.
However, if you mispronounce their names, then don't you DARE go around calling yourselves "one of their greatest fans".

I could cite a couple more names, like Richter, and (believe it or not) Ryu, but I think you get my point already.
Fans ignorant about something so simple such as their hero's names...Ugh... They need to be shot.
Don't get me wrong. Normal fans, I swallow. They're eager to learn more about their heroes, including the proper way to pronounce their hero's names.
However, "greatest" fans think they know almost everything about their heroes, and more than half of them will insult everything from your intelligence to your mother's pet if you disagree with them.
The TRUE greatest fans are willing to accept new ideas and theories, and possibly have a good debate over them. However, that is another thought, and will be saved for another rant...

Yeah, I've noticed that a lot too. However, I've always just said Strider because it was easier to communicate with "normals" that way. Yeah, the announcer does call her "Sah-mus," and I try to, but myself, as well as all my friends and a number of reputable sources (Nintendo of America themselves!) call her "Sa-mus," as if you were saying Sam. I've never heard anybody go "Say-mus" though... And keep in mind that sometimes the officials themselves misname their own characters. In Pokemon Stadium 2, they mispronounce Pokemon names sooo many times. Instead of "Rye-chu," they say "Ray-chu." Granted, Ray is how the Rai is pronounced normally, but it's always been Rye on the anime and in anyother sources. Also, the game says "En-tay," when it's really "En-tie." There are a slew of others, including one that really gets to me: "Remo-raid," as opposed to "Remor-aid." Of course, we all mispronounce the names ourselves (I originally thought it was "Pic-atch-oo" instead of "Peek-a-choo"), so I can forgive. I can't tell you how many people call the damn thing "Soo-ey-coon." It's f*ckin' "Swee-coon!" They say it everywhere that way! Ugh...

And it's not just names either: a lot of people who claim to be the greatest fans ever don't even know who the person is. I'm sure you all know somone who's Samus' "greatest fan" and still thinks she's a robot from MechWarrior (yes, I knew such a kid). Or how about kids who "looooove" the Zelda games, and call Link "Zelda," and tell you the game's about a king saving the world from an evil sorceress named Mother Brain who loves to eat caterpillars and pigs (again, I had a friend who told me this). It's annoying as Hell, and that really needs to stop as well.

"Sa-mus"? I've heard her name pronounced that way before. I think it might be just another way of saying her name. It's still the same, it just sounds different--Will and Bill, if you will (No pun intended). Both mean "William", they just sound different.
Or (because Samus' nickname is indeed "Sam" or "Sammy") "Sa-mus" could be the right pronounciation, given that both are short for "Samantha". Maybe "Samus" is a fancy but short way of saying it? [shrugs]

And the games mispronouncing their own names...ugh...all I have to say is lazy translators. We always have fun making fun of mispronounced phrases or phrases that sound like something else in fighting games, so why can't it be an answer to why the games mis-pronounce their own names?

What pisses me off more is when you pronounce their names correctly and they correct you on it.

Yes I noticed horrid translations in Pokemon Stadium 1.

"The Challenger sends out Ponyta!" (He pronoced it Po-ne-ta!)


Does anyone notice that people make mistakes(Pronocing, understanding)Games/T.V shows from Japan?Didn't the Strider series start out in Japan? I know don't know but the bottom line is............well...........some people are just plain ignorant.

TV Shows also mispronounce their own names. In the early episodes of Pokemon, Ash CONSTANTLY said "Pok-uh-mon". What the hell? EVery other character pronounced it right, so why did ash have to get it wrong all the time?

Yeah I'm glad they changed Ash's voice early.....it was too rugged for a ten year old.