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Meet the group of nice people who are working on Hikari Productions! : )

Status: Founder/CEO
Favorite Genre: Fighting, RPG
Special Skills: Sprite Editing/Plot Writing
Update Color: White
Bio: Well... In short, I'm the founder and head of Hikari Productions.
I'm currently the one that does everything, which (put frankly) sucks.
How did I become a game maker? Well, I've always been a hardcore gamer, and I've always wanted to be able to make games with "the big boys", although I knew I'd never be able to. Zoom a couple years forward in time. I had laid out different plans for MANY games, and I had sent a couple ideas to Nintendo.
They never accepted, but oh well.
Zoom a month forward in time. I was searching for different RPG ideas, and I accidently stumbled across a strange site in a foreign language (Spanish). I went to a free translation site and used it to figure out what they were saying.
Gee, guess what the very first phrase that caught my eye was? "RPG MAKER 95".
I then started making a (crappy) game named "Ultimate Team RPG". It was basically about a group of me and some friends stranded in a strange land, and right in that time, two wizards started trying to take over the land.
A few demos of it got released, then the project was cancelled.
The rest is history... I followed the track of game makers, experimenting with each one, and now I'm currently done trying each out, and I'm ready to attempt actual games.

Status: Retired
Favorite Genre: Fighting, Sports, Racing
Special Skills: Jack of all trades. I'm a little of everything. :-)
Update Color: Green
Bio: Welpers.......I'm a little secretive of my role in Hikari Productions. If you ask me in real life about it, I'll pretend I don't know a thing about it. No matter who you are. Anyway, I've retired from Hikari Productions, although the idea originally was Fury's. He had noticed that I didn't seem too spirited about the games we were making anymore, so he suggested that I retire. I must admit, he made a good choice. I was getting bored of our game making life, and I didn't want to drag him down while he was making them.
However, just because I've retired, doesn't mean I'm out forever. I may pop in every now and then, in case Fury needs a little help. ;-)
PS: ProtoBass, my name is NOT Matt Eddleblute. Where'd you even get that idea!?

Status: Retired
Favorite Genre: Action, Fighting
Special Skills: Sounds/Music Selection
Update Color: Blue
Bio: I'm the little brother of Shadow Warrior, and I retired from Hikari Productions at about the same time as he. My story and retirement is pretty much the same as big bro's. And I'm just as secretive about Hikari Productions in real life, too. And just like SW, I may be down, but I'm not out. I'll help Fury whenever he needs it. However, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my retirement. :)