Rant 6


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ROLL + BASS = One big mess to clean up.

Responces from: Inner Circle Advanced

No introduction. No beating around the bush. Let's just get straight into the nitty-gritty.
There are MANY, MANY fanfics, fan comics, or even fan art that includes Roll and Bass in a romantic relationship. This should not be.
A romance between Roll and Bass has just as much of a chance of happening as Capcom finishing the original Mega Man series.
The reason this is so, is that the two are just too different. Any person even CONSIDERING a romance between the two is either just plain insane, or doesn't know the facts. Well, let me educate you...
1: Bass is evil. Roll is good. The two are completely different alignments.
2: Roll's brother, Mega Man, is Bass' worst enemy. Despite many fan comics pitting the two as friends, the fact still remains--the two are bitter enemies. And NO amount of mass popularity to the idea will change it. Only Capcom themselves can change this fact...
3: And there's the fact of creators. Dr. Light made Roll. Dr. Wily made Bass. The two are against each other.
Now, some people will probably be saying "The romance can be like Romeo's and Juliet's". Hate to burst your bubble, boy, but here are the kicker facts:
4: THEY ARE ROBOTS. Ask any person who makes or works with robots--they are devoid of emotion. They cannot feel happiness, sadness, pain, humor, or even (the kicker) love.
Here's another kicker (the best):
5: Roll was programmed to be a housekeeper. Bass was programmed to be a fighting machine, to go against Light's creations. True to his programming, once he saw Roll, he would attempt to destroy her, unless he was under different orders. Romantic, isn't it?
("What about Roll in MvC? She was fighting in there!" some people say. "Yeah. And?" I reply back. She was under different orders as well. And it doesn't do anything to help the Bass/Roll romance idea)
So. There it is. A pretty short rant (my shortest yet), but now it has completely upturned the common ideal of a Roll/Bass romance.
[dusts off hands]
I'm finished.


It's dumb anyway because in the old school Megaman series robots didn't have emotions or any kind of free will They just did whatever they were programmed to do.

My freind [sic] G-Man (cheap promotion coming up) always pokes fun at those fanfics through his Megaman comics he makes. He is one of the biggest Megaman fans I know and never believed those stories. Here's he's [sic] latest comic as an example http://www.beatrush.com/fwac01.htm