Rant 7


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CLONING: It's pointless.

Responses from: Meleenium

Once again, I'm going to split from the oridinary here. I'm not gonna try and say they're "playing God". Personally I believe God wants us to become creators like him, not mindless sheep, but that's another rant. Cloning is pointless really. Let's look at the facts.

The main reason a lot of people want cloning is because they're Narcisists. "Gee, I'm so good, I should be perpetually cloned so I will never die!" Or it could be out of admiration of another. "We should never have to lose another Einstein. This is pointless. First of all, a clone would never be an exact duplicate. The law of Entropy will tell you that. With an infinite chance for a mistake, it could never be perfect. I'm sure we all remember the experiment when a cat was cloned and the clone looked nothing like the original. Secondly, as the clone grew and developed it would have different life experiences and therefore a different personality. To say the least cloning is not duplication, but reproduction.

The second idea behind cloning is the idea that there are some people who for one reason or another, can't recieve an organ donation because their body won't accept it. So the plan is to clone humans and then harvest their organs. Let's see here, according to the Constitution of the United States, AND the Declaration of Independance, all men (men meaning humankind) are created equal and have rights. Since a clone would still be human they would have rights and couldn't be forced to donate their organs, and especially couldn't be killed to harvest their organs.

So cloning is pointless. And banning it is even more pointless. No horrible atrocities could be committed legally anyway, so why ban it? Banning it will only force it overseas where it will eventually return to the United States as illegal technology simply because people want it. So banning cloning is a pointless move.

Aye, Laddie.

Knight, I agree with everything you say! Cloning is completely and utterly harmless, but non-constructive. I can think of some uses for it though, for example, I wouldn't mind having a pet dodo though.