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Whoooooooooo! PAR-TAY!!!
I am quite possibly the first person on the internet to have an entire section of his site (notice I didn't say "entire site") dedicated to his role-playing characters! Whooooo! If I'm not, ask me if I care. Phhhbbbttt.
Now, some people might be asking right now "What the heck is Role-Playing?!". Well, Role-Playing is (VERY) basically story-writing, but with your own made-up characters. Of course, I can't define worth crap, so you're better off searching for the definition via Google. However, keep in mind that you can find a lot of lamers that way...
Anyway, this Role-Playing Corner isn't much. I'm just putting up bios of my characters, questions people might ask me, and (if I'm somehow not as lazy) put up different RPing sessions I had with other people.
NOTE: DON'T steal the edits I made of the characters. I don't care who you are or what you need them for--ASK ME BEFORE YOU UPLOAD OR USE THEM. You break, you pay.


The heros. The good guys. The goody-two-shoes. You get the idea.


And, of course, ever hero must have his/her villian. What's the fun in protecting if there's nothing to protect against?
[NRP] Please note that not all villians are uploaded into here yet. [/NRP]

Minor Characters

These are characters that aren't quite main characters, and I don't use them a lot, but they are still worthy of mention nonetheless. Think of them as a step above NPCs.
[NRP] Note that not all of my Minor Characters are in here either. [/NRP]

Q: What the HECK are Personality Songs?!
A: Different songs that fit the characters personality. They are related to themes in a way, but they don't serve the mega-lame purpose of playing as a character enters. Actually, they really serve no purpose at all, but I find it fun to go through my massive MIDI collection and find tunes that suit my characters.

Q: What's with the multiple alignements? For example, you listed Hikage as Chaotic Neutral/Evil. Which one is he?
A: Both, and yet neither.
Q: ...Could you say that in English?
A: Hikage is evil by his nature. However, he belongs to neither "school" of evil--That is, he does not seek to achieve the highest rank of power possible, and he is not interested in world domination. So, he belongs more to the Chaotic Neutral, but that makes him seem like he is a person who is just rather complacent about destroying. Wrong--Hikage LOVES it. Besides, he has an evil nature.
Q: Okay, that explains Hikage...but what about Dash?
A: Well, Dash is a little tougher to explain. She's Lawful Good, in that she will fight evil...IF NEEDED. She doesn't really want to be a hero, but she will fight against evil if she needs to. She's more content being a (not-so) average civilian.
Q: Huh?
A: Sorry, that's the best I can explain it. -_-
Q: Okay...What about Akira? She's Lawful/Chaotic Neutral. What's up with that?
A: This is going to get a little complicated, so let me explain what the alignments mean first. Lawful Neutral is a alignment that basically says "Orders are orders." Chaotic Neutral is "I eliminate what I want." Akira is a mix of these two--she's not too keen upon killing, but will do it if she's ordered to, or if she wants to just for the heck of it.
She's neutral in that she's not quite good or evil. When she orders herself to do something, it's not for the sake of furthering either side, but for H4xx0r's or her own welfare. She'll attack a person from either side without hesitation.
Q: Hey what happened to Eruah? You know, one of your old chars?
A: Eruah is now officially a minor character. No longer a major character I use a lot, but she's a step above common NPCs. [shrugs] And I've got lotsa minor chars.
Q: OMG YUO RIPED OFF TEH [insert character name here]!1!!11 YUO AR TEH THEiF!!!11!
A: Hey, if I "ripped off" a character, it's purely a coincidence. I tried to be as original as possible while creating my characters. Now, granted, I took a little bit of things from different characters to spice up mine, but my characters are different enough from their bases to be "rip-offs". [scoffs]
The ONLY character that can be considered a "rip-off" is Fury himself. He "ripped off" Sir Tomintul from the SSS--after all, Fury started out as an evil Tomintul. However, Fury grew into his own character, and now barely has any resemblence to Tomintul at all!
Overall, if one of my characters "rips off" another character, it's a coincidence. I probably don't even know the character you're talking about, and if I did I've probably already made a "Hey, isn't that neat? Our characters are similar in such and such ways." comment to the creator.
Of course, there's also a possibility that a person based their characters off of mine. [points a thumb at ProtoBass]
Q: Wanna get with me for some RPing? I'd like to RP with you.
A: I'm not suggesting a definate "yes" or "no" with this, because it really varies with each person. The best thing to do in a case like this is just to IM me or e-mail about the details. My AIM account is "FuryHikari" (duh!), and my e-mail address is "warrior_x@zeldaclassic.com"
Q: 0|\/|6 |>1z |)|3 |R1 |>1Z |< 7|-|X 8Y3!1!1!!
A: ...J00 z|_|xx0r|). 74|<3 J00r 1337 z|>34|< 4|\||) z|-|0\/3 |7.
Q: I have no idea what the last question and answer was.
A: Good. You don't wanna know.
Q: Were you actually asked any of these questions?
A: Of course not. I'm just thinking of these questions in unlikely event that people might ask them. I might update this from time to time with new questions or questions that (doubtfully) people have actually asked me.
Q: But doesn't that mean you're talking to yourself?
A: [shrugs] Perhaps.
Q: Talking to yourself is the first sign of going insane, you know.
A: It won't be the first time.