Commentary 1


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Gotta Love Ad-Bots

One thing I love about ad-bots: They don't give retorts to your insults.
All text in light blue are my own post-made comments.

Matrock88: sup, come see naked girls at this awesome site.  This is NOT some trashy site like the ones everyone else IMs you with!  :)  so click here!  :)
FuryHikari: Sup? Don't say anything if you're a lifeless loser who's also a eunuch.
[long pause in convo]
FuryHikari: Ee-yup. I thought so.

Ouch. Calling a person a eunuch would HAVE to hurt. o_-

DRoBoChlCk9Z18: Any bored guys wnat to flirt with a HOT 20/F/CALI? IM HORNY click here to flirt with me RIGHT NOW
FuryHikari: OMG
FuryHikari: OMGHI2U

CarrieBabe588: Sup, i am just telling everyone about my web site  :D  come over here.  :D
FuryHikari: No thanks. I don't go to idiot's websites.
*** Auto-response from CarrieBabe588: Hi FuryHikari, I am currently away from my computer.  If you want to talk, leave me a message.  Meanwhile you can see my webcam right here, there might be a replay  =)
FuryHikari: Leaving message... YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

liza24fnude: 21/F/FL .. Me and my college girls are stripping right now.. Click Here to see us live on webcam.
FuryHikari: Sweet. Ask me if I care.

JAEHOOD9569: NO WAY! You've got to see my new site! CLICK ME
FuryHikari: NO WAY! I've got to see an idiot's website!

MightyOvals9171: Hey it's Tiffany. I'm about to go on my webcam again. Click here to see me in action!
FuryHikari: Hi, Tiffany. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. His name is "YOU HAVE NO BRAIN!!!"

hotwomanwithSite: hey baby i got a digital camera for my 17th birthday i took some pictures of me showing off my huge tits and my cute panties!. click here!

nikki697681: whats up?? my names nikki im 18 and   just got this webcam,you want to watch me on it? just click here its free!!
FuryHikari: No.

heyguyzz90: click here to see my pics
FuryHikari: Sure. Just gotta wait for hell to freeze over.

NudeAshley6911: i was going through AOL profiles in the chat room and yours kinda interested me.  i can't get my aol profile working so I just put up a pics...describing my self with a few pictures ;)
FuryHikari: Really? Wow. What made my profile interest you? The fact that I'm not idiot enough to fall for ad-bots? Or the fact that I DON'T FREAKIN HAVE AOL, MUCH LESS AN AOL PROFILE.

SxyNSmuty142:  I like to Take Hard Orders Can you give them to me?
FuryHikari: Yes. Here's one: SCREW OFF!!!
FuryHikari: (Hey. It's hard, and it's an order. What more do you want?)

nekkidkid: Hey, look at this site! It's got all sorts of children in sexual acts! Just don't tell mom about what we're doing! ;)
FuryHikari: 0_0
FuryHikari: Kiddie hentai strikes again...

Wait, I forgot to insult him... Oh well.

Kim016956: I am 18 Free PORN! Free to JOIN!

That was Kim Kaphwan from King of Fighters I quoted. Just so you know.

iluvyou54321: The bigger the titty, the more it jiggles. :P
FuryHikari: The bigger the idiot, the faster the exit.

I3reaker01: Yo yo yo, Ah would like you to go to mah web page, ya pimp! :)  cum over here!  :)
FuryHikari: Yo yo yo! You be acting all wak, no? Eat my fist, ya biznatch!

Caio474008609: Hey, COME NOW and see us crazy girls getting naked at our awesome website.    :-)  come over here  :)
FuryHikari: AWESOME WEBSITE WITH CRAZY CHICKS?!?!?!/1/1/1 D00000000000000000000000000000D!!!111!!11

Doodlesthewall: sup, COME NOW and see these crazy girls taking off their clothes at my sweet site. :)  so come on over here!  :)
FuryHikari: I don't know what's scarier: your idiodocy, or your name.

CNDYSLMZU147:  Young Girls With Big Toys All Live Its All Right Here!!!

DiamondSagenic: I would like you to go to my web page!  please go here now.  ;)
FuryHikari: Dang. I can't think of any more comebacks to say what an idiot you are.

Lionking94: Yo, would you like to check out naked girls at our awesome website?    ;)  please click here!   :*
FuryHikari: At least this one has enough brains to ask politely rather than demand it. Of course, it's still stupid.

fwy311: [hump] me baby!! now! click here :)
FuryHikari: Can I beat you over the head for being an idiot first?

sexybabe866: you know you want some. ;) cum on inside and share youre sexual fantasies with me. maybe i'll make some come true....... :*
FuryHikari: [blink] Uh... This is quite possibly the most daring ad-bot I've encountered yet. And if you think I really want some, then you're more idiotic then the rest.

And... I'm not sure if this one is an 'bot. If it is, it's programmed really well. But what it last said disturbs me. (After all, I wish to stay a bachelor)

DesotoBrttny: hi
FuryHikari: Yo.
DesotoBrttny: yo what's up
FuryHikari: The sky. : )
DesotoBrttny: the sky what
FuryHikari: It's a joke. The sky is up?
 Bah. I need a better sense of humor. -_-
DesotoBrttny: no yo
FuryHikari: Dang ad bots... [click click click click]
DesotoBrttny: brb
FuryHikari: K
DesotoBrttny: k what
FuryHikari: K = "Okay."
FuryHikari: I acknowledge that you will be right back.
DesotoBrttny: maybe
DesotoBrttny: wait are you a boy
FuryHikari: Yeah. Why do you ask?
DesotoBrttny: cause i will like to now
FuryHikari: Oh.
DesotoBrttny: i have to go bye
FuryHikari: Bye.
DesotoBrttny: bye cuttie
FuryHikari: Um...Thanks. (I think)

For the record, I'm not gay. I'm just not a pervert.