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First off, let me explain what the Hikari Clan's fighting style is. Basically, it's a Ninjutsu-based technique. Very few assassination techniques are involved in it, unless a person wants to study the dark side of this style.
Rather, Energetic Ninjutsu revolves around a person's energy, or Chi. Each Energetic Ninja must first learn how to control their chi before they can even START learning the style--Once a person has mastered Energetic Ninjutsu, the chi fuses with their blood. The Chi inside each person is unique within itself, but every person's Chi mimics a certain element, or is merely pure power. Hence, each Ninja's fighting style is Something-Based. If it's Earth-Based, then the user's Chi can mimic rocks, stones, and earth. If it's Fire-Based, then the user can mimic lava and fire. And so on and so on...
However, rare exceptions are made if a person has MASSIVE amounts of chi inside of him. Then, he can mimic multiple elements, or all elements. In the latter case, then the style he uses is "Elemental-Based".
Anyway, Energetic Ninjutsu is, at first glance, just another fighting style that you see in fighting tournaments.
However, it is, unfortunately, almost extinct. Many Ninja, driven by the urge to have more power, have studied the dark side of Energetic Ninjutsu. They all killed themselves trying to learn it.
The dark side of it is not to be tampered with.
Currently, the only users of this fighting style are the Hikari Clan. They desperately hope that they or their decendants can teach more people the fighting style, or it will die out someday.


Full name: Fury Kiyura Hikari (FYUR-ee kie-YUR-uh Hi-KAR-ee)
Personality Song: "Hikage Hikari"
Alignment: Lawful Good
Fighting Style: Energetic Ninjutsu/Fire-Based, Flat Tae
Main Weapon: Beam Sabre "Hikari no Ken", a gift from Bahamut (From an RPing session with Himizujin Eternia)
Second Weapon: Quarter Staff
Age: 24
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dusty blond
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O+
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 178 lbs
Special Skill: None
Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Reading, Internet
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Sport: None
Prized Things: His Helmet
Dislikes: Evil, Moders, Fanboys
Bio: The red stripe on the left of his battle uniform identifies him to be of the Hikari bloodline, who are currently the only known users of the Energetic Ninjutsu fighting style.
Fury is mysterious, calm, cool, and calculated. He doesn't try to avoid fights, but he doesn't try to start them either. He is noble, and holds to his principles firmly, never wavering in his moral fiber at all.
Not much is known about him, except for those who know him well. His mortal enemy is Hikage, his chi, power, and dark past made flesh.
Fury is a humble being, never one to give into pride or insult someone just because they want left alone, and he never takes the credit for something he didn't do.
Although Fury may be a calm and cool person, he knows when to have fun, and enjoys fighting as much as possible.
Fury's fighting style is a deadly mixture of Energetic Ninjutsu and Flat Tae, making him a rather well-rounded foe in battle. He has some powerful close combat methods, as well as powerful techs for fighting from afar.


Full name: Dash Mursia Hikari (DASH Mur-SEE-uh Hi-KAR-ee)
Personality Song: "Feminine Fury"
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral
Fighting Style: Energetic Ninjutsu/Lightning-based, Flat Tae
Main Weapon: Nunchaku
Second Weapon: Shurikens
Age: 21
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dusty blond
Birthdate: October 10th
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 101 lbs
Special Skill: Cooking
Hobbies: Internet, Reading
Favorite Food: Stir Fry
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Prized Things: Glasses (she wears them not because she has bad eyesight, she wears them because she likes them)
Dislikes: Sexist Men, Make-up
Bio: Dash is Fury's little sister, and also a the modern descendant of the Hikari Clan. Whereas Fury is mysterious and insociable, Dash is more outgoing and sociable with people, and is more eager to meet new people. Whereas Fury is mysterious and insociable, Dash is more outgoing and sociable with people, and is more eager to meet new people.
Dash is a bit of an easy-going woman, and doesn't really take a lot of things seriously. She likes to joke and jest about things, and can easily brighten up moods.
She also likes to go into the public a lot, usually when she works for her part-time job...as a cook/waitress at the Desert Flower!
Like Fury, Dash's fighting style is an interesting mixture of Energetic Ninjutsu (this version focusing more on controlling electricity) and Flat Tae, making her a rather well-rounded foe in battle. She has some powerful close combat techniques, as well as powerful techs for fighting from afar. Her true strength lies in close-quarter combat, as her Flat Tae methods have been polished to perfection.
[NRP] Please note that when I say "easy-going", I don't mean "goofy and childish" [cough]Yuri[/cough] [cough]Sakura[/cough]. [/NRP]


Full name: Caroline Melissa Hikari (KARE-ole Muh-LIS-uh Hi-KAR-ee)
Personality Song: "Attack Me!"
Alignment: Lawful Good
Fighting Style: Energetic Ninjutsu/Fire-based
Main Weapon: None
Second Weapon: None
Age: 12
Eye color: Red (unknown if because of genetic experiments, or naturally red)
Hair color: Golden blond
Birthdate: Unknown, Can't Remember (However, her birthday is celebrated on April 15th, which is when Fury found her)
Nationality: American
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: Doesn't Care
Weight: Unknown
Special Skill: Sewing
Hobbies: Playing Video Games
Favorite Food: Dash's Meatloaf
Favorite Sport: Volleyball/Baseball
Prized Things: Her Jacket
Dislikes: Evil, Anything With More Than Four Legs
Bio: [NRP] This would actually take a while to explain fully, so I'll just make it short and sweet. [/NRP]
Carol was model MK4-R01 of a group of clones. Her creator had kidnapped her when she was just a normal girl, and had infused her with DNA from Fury. The cruel experiments and DNA transplants wiped out her memory, but had given her powers that were similar to those of Fury.
The creator was trying to mimic Fury's abilities, in an attempt to create a person who could kill him. After all, her creator hated Fury.
He succeeded. Carol gained Fury's powers--mastery over fire, "blacking out", a durable body, and inhuman strength.
Later, he locked her up in a cyro tube to keep her from gaining her mind back, and sent her to a place to be 'reprogrammed' and trained as an assassin. An accident happened on the way, though, and the cyro tube broke. Carol escaped, and soon came in contact with the very person she was cloned from: Fury Hikari.
Fury wondered what she was doing out there, but Carol was unable to remember anything. Feeling pity for her, Fury adopted her out of good will, and started raising her like his own daughter.
A couple months later, Carol's memory started coming back. The parts that weren't coming back were what happened before she was kidnapped.
Recognizing the potential of her abilities, Fury started training her in Energetic Ninjutsu, raising her to be the next heir of almost-extinct fighting style. He even managed to teach her moves he had designed solely for his own abilities.
Aside from being so reckless and short-tempered, Carol's ideals are noble at heart. She wishes to be a defender of justice like her father, but her short fuse usually sparks a heated fight wherever she goes! Despite all this, however, Carol is still an innocent girl in many ways. What kind of woman will she be when she grows up...?


Full name: Jonathan "Kurano" Williams Shinzui (JAH-nuh-then Ker-RAE-noe WILL-ee-ums Shin-zoo-EE)
Personality Song: None yet.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Fighting Style: Shinzui Pyro-Based Sword Fighting
Main Weapon: Katana, named "FuuJin"
Second Weapon: None
Age: 23
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Birthdate: June 12th
Nationality: American
Blood Type: A
Height: 6'
Weight: Unknown (Kinda touchy about it)
Special Skill: Writing Poetry, Sword Fighting
Hobbies: Reading, Travelling
Favorite Food: Egg Rolls, Ice Cream
Favorite Sport: Fencing
Prized Things: His katana
Dislikes: Evil, People Who Fight Dirty
Bio: Kurano is the descendant of the Shinzui Clan, who were long-time rivals of the Hikari Clan. The mark of the Shinzui Clan are white triangles sticking upwards at the bottom of the kimono top.
Kurano is a jolly (albeit serious) and honorable warrior, and doesn't stand people who fight dirty and who don't follow a code of honor when fighting. To him, life is a one fun adventure after another, and he looks forward to each day with anticipation. His jolly spirit is usually contagious, and not many people can stay upset with him. He has many friends, and his only enemies are the ones who are also enemies of justice.
Kurano respects Fury as a warrior and doesn't want to try and kill him, but it seems that Kurano has little choice.


Full name: Jennifer "Kukina" Melissa Shinzui (Jen-UH-fer Koo-KEE-nuh Muh-LISS-uh Shin-zoo-EE)
Personality Song: None yet.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Fighting Style: Shinzui Water-Based Sword Fighting
Main Weapon: Katana, named "TenBu"
Second Weapon: None
Age: 22
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red
Birthdate: June 16th
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 112 lbs
Special Skill: Sword Fighting
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing
Favorite Food: Sweet-and-Sour Chicken (with or without the sauce)
Favorite Sport: Fencing
Prized Things: Her katana, her hair (pull it, even by accident, and you'd better run like heck)
Dislikes: Evil, People Who Have No Honor, Violence
Bio: Kurano's little sister (by a couple days), and also the descendant of the Shinzui Clan. Even though the Shinzui and Hikari Clans were rivals, Kukina doesn't care about bloodline rivalry. She simply wishes to live life as she pleases. However, fate calls her to fight and perhaps try to kill Dash someday.
Kukina is seemingly cold amd uncaring at first glance, with her aloof manner and habit of ignoring people. However, this is only to those she does not know. She is actually a kind (though quiet) woman who dislikes violence as a whole, though she realizes that violence is here to stay, and she can't do anything to make it go away.

[NRP] Yes, I'm quite aware that Kurano and Kukina are mere pallette-swaps with minor edits. For now, deal with it. I'm trying to think of a way to make them more original, but it seems I'm just stuck with their look.
Ah well. At least they wear sneakers instead of sandals. That's a plus. [/NRP]