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Full name: None
Personality Song: "Prepare to Die!"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Neutral
Fighting Style: Energetic Ninjutsu/Elemental-based, Assassination Techniques
Main Weapon: Energy Knives
Second Weapon: None
Age: N/A (Has no age)
Eye color: Completely blue
Hair color: Dark blond
Birthdate: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Blood Type: N/A + Energy
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs
Special Skill: Killing
Hobbies: Murdering people
Favorite Food: N/A (does not need to eat)
Favorite Sport: Anything that involves mutilation and perhaps killing.
Prized Things: Cloth that hangs over his right arm.
Dislikes: Good, Heroes, People Who Think They Can Beat Him
Bio: Fury's chi, power, and dark past made into flesh. He has no soul, and as such, feels no emotions or any sense of honor. He even ENJOYS fighting unfair in battle, never hesitating to wield a weapon in battle or kick sand in the opponent's eyes. The sadist is known for killing his opponents, and even makes his living that way--as an assassin. Moreso than money, however, Hikage enjoys the smell of blood and sound of broken bones!
Anti-sociable and dark, he dislikes going out in the open, and usually hangs out in dark alleys or slums or (his favorite) graveyards. He only goes in the open if he sees someone he wants/needs to kill, or just for the heck of it.
Due to Hikage being just Chi, he needs host bodies. He does not have bodies of his own, so he needs to possess other people's bodies or make his own. Possessing a person's body is easier to do, due to the possession taking about five minutes (he needs time to infiltrate every corner of the body), but he will need more time to get used to the body and learn of it's limits. Making his own body takes AT LEAST a week, but it allows him to create his own limits for his body.
His current body is one he made himself.
His true form, is just a pile of runny yellow goo--Chi. He is quite solid in this form, and cannot go through walls or such, but he can pass through flesh very easily. He also cannot speak in this form--he can only do three things: Move, possess, and think.
Because of his possessing ability, he himself cannot die. All you can do is destroy the host body and hope it takes a long time for him to find another. Though perhaps he can be sealed...?
Hikage seems to have a split personality. One moment he may be acting on the verge of insanity, laughing away like a madman as he tears away at his foes mercilessly; and the next moment, he could be calmly picking up his opponent's corpses off the floor, an calm look on his face, while silently muttering how foolish they were to oppose him.
However, I can assure you that that Hikage has one personality. It's just that he loves battle so much, and severly wishes for his opponents to feel as much pain as possible, and laughs with glee when they do. He takes his job seriously, and always fights mercilessly, but that doesn't keep him from making some smart-ass comments during battles at times.
Hikage always works alone, unless there's something in the teamup that he likes. He also does not wish to recieve "ultimate power", as some villians have bribed him with.
"I like for my opponents to fight back." Hikage would say. "Ultimate power takes away all the fun in killing. Then they can't do anything to you. BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRIIIIIIIIIIIING."
[NRP] Whew. Long bio. Anyway, some people may be wondering that if Hikage dislikes going into the open, then why did he take up a job? Simple: Hikage loves to kill. And he knows that he'll get more victims if people actually WANT him to kill. [/NRP]

(Updated pic coming soon)
Full name: Unknown
Personality Song: None yet.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Fighting Style: 1337 74(7|(z
Age: Unknown
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown (Possibly American)
Blood Type: A+
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 182 lbs
Special Skill: Speaking "1337".
Hobbies: Speaking "1337", plotting world dominance
Favorite Food: Pork, Chicken
Favorite Sport: Wrestling (Has even mastered the German Suplex)
Prized Things: His hair.
Dislikes: Good, Heroes, People Who Hate "1337"
Bio: Z, previously known as "H4xx0r" is a wealthy villian with a monopoly over the black market, and an illegal drug and weapons dealer. Realizing that people would fear him more if he cut down on the "1337 z|>34|<", he has abandoned his old identity completely in favor of his favorite letter--"Z". He strives for world dominance, and for everyone to be under his control. Ruthless and amoral, he will attack those who get in the way of his dream, and he wishes for all his opponents to be six feet under!
Z is an evil man who contains no warm feelings at all. He loves the smell of blood, and is a sadistic maniac by nature. He likes to take a sip from a glass of wine every once in a while, as like a preview of all the blood he is gonna spill from his enemies.

AKIRA (Uh-KIE-ruh)
(Updated pic coming soon!)
Full name: Unknown
Theme song: None yet.
Alignment: Lawful/Chaotic Neutral
Fighting Style: Rhythmic Hallucination
Age: 628
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Birthdate: Unknown
Nationality: Succubean-Unknown (Possibly Japanese or American)
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Special Skill: Ballroom Dancing
Hobbies: Listening to Classical music, Reading
Favorite Food: Cake
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Prized Things: Her body
Dislikes: People Who Go Against Z, Graveyards
Bio: Akira is a half-succubus, and also a secretary to Z. Despite her position and race, however, Akira is quite an elegant woman.
As for her history, it is unknown. All we know is that Z was looking for a accomplice, and was visiting different crime lords, and Akira literally appeared right out of nowhere and offered her services as a secretary. Z didn't know what suprised him more: her sudden appearence, or the fact that she knew what he needed even though Z kept his affairs private. Z didn't know what made him accept her right then and there, but he's been glad he did.
Akira is an excellent warrior and right hand "man" to Z, and doesn't care what happens around her, just as long as Z's bidding gets done! However, this is all on the outside...who knows what her inner thoughts are?