Minor Characters


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DIVI (DEE-vee)

Full name: Divinity Josephine Grace (Di-VI-ni-tee JOE-sif-een Grays)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Fighting Style: Self-Made Fighting Techs
Age: 25
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Black
Birthdate: February 24th
Nationality: American
Blood Type: B+
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Special Skill: Math
Hobbies: Schoolteacher
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Prized Things: Her class, her gymnist suit (she wears it all the time).
Dislikes: Bullies, Gangsters, Snobs, Men Who Try to Woo Her
Bio: Carol's math schoolteacher, and one of the heads of Sherman Grade School. She has disliked the way in which bullies and gangsters have "taken over" the schools, and how they call the shots within the school walls. She has done everything she can to try and halt the gangs' continual uprise, but now realizes the only way to halt it is the use force.
Divi is a woman who fights offensively only as a last resort. She tries to use peaceful talkings to settle matters, but she also knows when fists are going to fly! She does, however, enjoy sparring in a match every now and then. After all, there's nothing at stake in sparring!


Full name: He won't tell.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Fighting Style: Unorthodox Grappling
Age: He won't tell
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Orange (Yes, both his hair and eye color are natural)
Birthdate: October 13th
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Been a long time since he last weighed himself.
Special Skill: Computers
Hobbies: Video Games, Computers, Role Playing
Favorite Food: Pizza, Pork Fried Rice
Favorite Sport: Jujutsu Sparring
Prized Things: His hard head, Headband
Dislikes: People Who Fight Dirty, Math, Evil, Fanboys, Moders
Bio: ND3 is Fury's real life self--he's crossed the fourth wall into his own world. However, the personality between Fury and ND3 differs quite a bit. ND3 is a little bit of a hot-head, and is a little bit impatient. He also dislikes hurting people, though the only way he's able to fight is to slam people in the ground.
A bit of a pacifist, he avoids fighting, and only fights as a last resort.
He's also a clutz...extremely clumsy. He hurts himself everyday by accident--once he even accidently ran right through a glass door! That had to hurt!
Thankfully, due to his clutziness, he has developed an extremely durable body. Most noticable is his hard head, which he loves to show off. He's even able to slam his head into a Soda Machine and just shrug it off! Ouch! Is his head made of titanium?!
LIKE Fury, however, ND3 prefers to be by himself, though he doesn't dislike socialization.
Always treats people of the opposite sex with respect, though if he gets into a brawl with one, it won't hold him back!
Another thing--he can't communicate real well. He knows his thoughts, and what he wants to say, but usually he can't put them real well into words. Thus, they usually come across sounding the wrong way. To be honest, he can usually only speak his mind with text.

(No picture yet)
Full name: Samantha Danielle Winters (Suh-MAN-thuh Dan-YELL WIN-terz)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Fighting Style: None. She can't fight.
Age: 11
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Birthdate: May 23rd
Nationality: American
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 3'
Weight: Doesn't know.
Special Skill: Volleyball
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading
Favorite Food: Junk Food
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Prized Things: Her Friends
Dislikes: People Who Pick On Her Friends, Vegetables, Slugs, Spiders
Bio: Carol's best friend. When Carol first went to school, everyone avoided her because of her abilities. Everyone, that is, except for Sammy. Sammy found that Carol's superhumans skills were "cool" (her words), and got interested in the newcomer. Her and Carol have bonded ever since.
Rather than being jealous of Carol's abilities, Sammy is proud of her friend for having them. She does, however, dislike Carol's passion for fighting, and always tries to talk her out of it whenever she can.
Sammy is the typical best friend you'd expect a person to have: Bright, funny, calm, caring, and compassionate. Carol's hot-headedness actually contrasts with Sammy's calm nature, but the two rarely get into arguments, if at all.


Full name: Unknown
Alignment: Lawful Good
Fighting Style: Demolitions Expertise, various bits of Martial Arts
Main Weapon: Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower
Second Weapon: Guns
Age: 21
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Orange
Birthdate: July 14th
Nationality: American
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 176
Special Skill: Explosives and Pyrotechnics
Hobbies: Blowing stuff up
Favorite Food: Anything hot and spicy
Favorite Sport: None
Prized Things: None
Dislikes: Evil, Dogs, Ellipsis (One of Knight9910's characters)
Bio: An arrogant and sarcastic Strider with a flamethrower, and a hot temper to match. You wouldn't tell he has a hot temper, though. He's normally reclusive and silent. His right eye was torn out in a fight with an assassin a long time ago, which might be why he has such a short temper, but he doesn't seem to care about his disability. It doesn't seem to have effected his preformance. (He's also pretty flirty with women whenever he's feeling good)
Even though even a C-Class Strider outranks him, his skill is higher than even that of an A-Class. His mastery with pyrotechnics and demolitions is far greater than even that of Hiryu, one of the Striders' greatest warriors. However, Silence is not too skilled in stealth, kidnapping, or assassination--which balances out his skills evenly.
Despite his arrogant and hot-headed attitude, Silence is a person you would definately want on your team--for reasons other than his immense firepower. He is loyal to the very end, never letting up, and never looking back. He also knows the limits of his own power, and highly respects those more powerful than him.

Dariodium is a thick liquid of unknown origins. Very pretty at a glance, it looks like liquid transparent silver. However, it's actions are anything but "pretty". It is a parasite of sorts, going into any living thing that touches it, and absorbing it's blood--a process which could take several days. It then leaves the victim to die. Naturally, it has no effect on robots.
Dariodium works best in chilled enviroments, and works the worst in heated.
The exact opposite of Dariodium is chi, and Dariodium cannot absorb chi--it can only enhance it. Thus, a person with absolute mastery over their chi (i.e. a master of Energetic Ninjutsu) can absorb Dariodium and use it for good.
Once an Energetic Ninja has absorbed Dariodium, s/he enters a "Hyper Mode" of sorts (Or, as the proper term is, in "Riot"). All of his/her abilities are increased drastically, and they can shoot bolts of pure Dariodium energy at their foes without tiring or using up any power. This Dariodium energy cannot infect foes, but rather works much like plasma in arm cannons. The person's personality also changes, be it drastically or slightly. Either way, the person in Riot's personality will change somewhat.
This Riot is temporary, however. The Dariodium that was absorbed is used up every second while in Riot, and whenever the Dariodium is used up, the Riot ends.
Dariodium can also reproduce by itself asexually. It creates more of itself every day, and spread itself to other places, which can be either a blessing or curse, depending on how you look at it...