Commentary 2


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Vital Statistics R0xx0rz

Well, here's a small list of Vital Statistics I've taken. I got this from Puar's site, who in turn got it from Jen Seng's website, who in turn got it from...ah, screw it. Just read the dang thing.
(Oh, and I've taken some answers from Puar, who took those answer fr...om... You get the idea. I did it because I liked them. And they fit me perfectly. So sue me)
Name: Fury Hikari
Real Name: Pie Lord
Nick names: Hikari, Hika
Don't Call Me: Pickle. Or else you die. Then again, I'm sure people will pay NO attention to my warning and start calling me it...
Sex: Male
Height: Around 6 foot.
Weight: Um... Been a long time since I've last weighed myself.
Age: This changes every year... It sucks
Origin: I came from my mother's womb.
Race: Irish/Scottish. Wait, that's my heritage...
Religion: Die-hard Christian. No, I'm not about to go chasing you down the street, screaming "YOU HEATHEN SINNERS ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!!!". [mutters something about hypocrites]
Blood Type: O+
Serial #: You suck.
Serial Box: [looks] It's empty.
Serial Killer: [looks at the Cereal Box] Urge...to kill...rising...
Location: Wherever I want.
Phone #: Nice try.
Credit Card #: Even nicer.
SS #: Dang, you're a funny one today!
Quirks: Uh...
Perks: When I get good ideas, they're kickers. I mean REAL kickers. Real good "now-THAT'S-a-BRILLIANT-idea!" type kickers.
Jerks: I usually don't get said good ideas. My ideas are mainly bad. And I usually have intelligence lapses. Not good.
Music: Instrumental.
First Concert: I think it was Bloodgood... Been a long time.
Second Concert: Haven't gone to a second.
TV: I do not worship the evil box except to play video games.
Currently Playing: King of Fighters 98
Likes: Video games, Internet
Dislikes: Immorality, Porn, Hentai, Hypocrites, Closed Minds, Fanboys, Moders, Lamers, yadda yadda yadda... Oh, and math. I HATE math.
Turn-On's: I don't like where this is heading...
Turn-Off's: Nope, I don't...
Misc. Fact: ":butrox" is basically a sarcastic way of saying "Oh yeah!" or "Rock on!".
Drink: My own home-made mix. I call it a "Suicide", because none of my real life friends will touch it.
Food: PIZZA!!! Oh, and Pork Fried Rice. And Sweet-and-Sour Chicken (with or without the sauce)
Smell: Is one of my five senses.
Stuffed Toys?: Have a stuffed teddy from my childhood.
Education: Graduated and well-educated in the school of BLARG.
Primary Occupation: Game-maker, Sprite editor. Currently working on being a scratch sprite artist.
Secondary Occupation: Fairy princess.
Magical Powers: I know some good card tricks.
Blasphemous Harlot!: Oh, you're so sexy.
Pajamas?: Nope.
Why Are You Reading This?: I need something crappy to put on my site.
Been in Love?: No.
Single?: Yes.
Lonely?: No.
Frisky?: Uh...
Horny?: You're walking a fine line now, buddy
Sexy?: Me? Sexy? You've GOT to be kidding.
Did You Know...: Karin Kanzuki's mother is named "Nadeshiko"?
Western Sign: Dunno... Never been into zodiac.
Eastern Sign: Rabbit.
Peculiar Achievement: Um...
Current Song: KD-0079 and Rythmic Hallucination. GREATEST FIGHTING GAME SONGS EVER.
Current Pet: Four cats. Mischief (female), Gracen (female), Oliver (indeed a female), and Thor (male).
Reminder: DON'T call me Pickle.