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Q: Hey, can I help you work on your site, since I'm one awesome page-making god?
A: Heck no. This is MY baby. MINE MINE MINE!!! The only reason I'd even consider it, is if you were an online entity I trust (i.e. Knight9910, Positron 3D, BreezeLugia), or one of my real-life friends (i.e. ProtoBass, Android Mewtwo).
Q: Hey, where do I find you if I want to chat with you online?
A: Just send me an e-mail, or give me an IM. I rarely enter chat rooms.
Q: I've got a great game idea you can do! Can I send it to you?
A: No. I only accept ideas from certain people. And even then, I can't make a promise that I'd do it--What seems great to a certain person will seem kinda blah to another.
Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A: A woodchuck could chuck no amount of wood since a woodchuck can't chuck wood.
Q: Have you actually been asked any of these questions?
A: No. Which explains why there's not many here. YOU try thinking of stupid questions to answer.
Q: Hey! I saw you announce a game idea on a forum, and you never made it! Jerk!
A: That's because it was just that--AN IDEA. It doesn't mean I'm actually working on it. I may toy with it and start working on it later, but I only announce it as an actual Game-In-Progress once I've gotten into making it. There's nothing more crushing to people than announcing you're working on a game, then cancel it later because you got bored with it. So basically, I may announce it as an idea, but don't get the idea I'm actually working on it until you see it in the WIP section of my site.
But then why announce game ideas in the first place, you ask? Well, why not? If I don't make it, other people might get inspired by it and use it as a basis for one of their game ideas.
Okay, that was a crappy reason. Anyway, I announce them because I feel like it. So NYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH.
Q: You haven't updated the site in forever! Have you forgotten about it?!
A: No. I NEVER forget about my site. NEVER. In fact, you should look at the lack of updates as a good thing, because that means I've actually gotten off my lazy behind and continued working on my games.
I may lose interest in this site in the future, but if that happens, I'll be sure to post a final update about it. If I haven't updated in about a year or so, however, then you can safely assume I'm dead.
Q: Tsk tsk. You have really bad taste in video games.
A: Of course. Just like I have really bad taste in music, television, hobbies, ect... That's what opinions are for. If everyone had the same opinion, then what point would they serve? I don't claim to be the definative source for video game opinions. My word isn't VG law. If I say "King of Fighters is a crappy series that only had one truly good game" (which I truly believe), I don't expect every site to say "Fury said KoF sucks, so we say KoF sucks as well!". I accept that there are tons of people out there that think KoF is the greatest video game series to date. I don't pass my opinion off as fact (which, alas, many people do).
Q: Mind if I ask why you think KoF is so crappy?
A: Well, in order to get that down, I have to lay something straight. I DO like certain things from some KoF games. For example, I like the story from KoF97, I like Kula from KoF2000, and I like KD-0079 from KoF99. But the things I DON'T like overshadow the things I DO like. KoF98 is currently the only KoF game I've played in which everything in it I like.