Commentary 4


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Yep. This is the guy that spammed my mailbox. And, right now, I'm posting the entire convo for people to see WHY exactly he spammed my e-mail box. Very little has been changed--the only things changed are a few comments (for more clarity), and the AIM username of the offender has been changed in order to (ha!) protect my journalistic integrity. From the original username, it has been changed to "ssj6goku". After all, anyone with a name like "ssj19piccolo" or "gokuisgod" is bound to have less-than-average intelligence...right?
Anyway, it began like a normal chat beginning... Okay, not really. A friend (whose username I will also not utter) posted that this guy was spamming on another board, making religious references in an attempt to "convert them" (my friend said the actual purpose was to make them mad). Being the hard-core Christian I am, I fell into sin and started raging that 1: someone I knew had DARED to make a fool out of Christianity, and 2: spamming a board, which is all-around stupid. Thus, I contacted him.
And as with almost all of my AIM commentaries, this contains post-made comments. In light blue.
Oh, and one more thing. I did something with Trillian, but I have no clue on how to reverse it. All of my comments have the username of "I am an evil Commie" instead of "FuryHikari".
I am an evil Commie: You're an idiot.
Ouch. Big blow to me right away. This could have started better.
ssj6goku: how so?
I am an evil Commie: Think: Spamming. Imitating another person's name. Making Christianity look bad.
Two of the things are against EZBoard's ToS. Care to guess which ones?
ssj6goku: How does that make me an idiot?
I am an evil Commie: [smacks head] THINK!!!
I am an evil Commie: Or is that concept too hard for you to understand?
ssj6goku: Think your a smart ass now huh?
ssj6goku: Keep it up fucker
ssj6goku: Want to see how much of an idiot I am? Keep insulting me, lets see who can outsmart the other in the end.
I am an evil Commie: Gee, just because I want you to actually think about what you're doing, that makes me a smart ass?
ssj6goku: Saying that the concept is too hard for me is what makes you a smart ass
I am an evil Commie: Okay. Granted. I apologize about the insults. I got a little prideful in saying those.
Okay. I apologized there. And when this guy told other people I insulted him, he conviently left out the part where I apologized.
ssj6goku: No one asked you to watch what I am doing, whoever gave you the link.
I am an evil Commie: No.
I am an evil Commie: No one asks a lot of people to do a lot of things.
ssj6goku: Then why should you care what I do?
ssj6goku: Its not like I'm spamming any board that consists of decent people.
I am an evil Commie: So? Seriously, do you think your spamming will make them better?
ssj6goku: I don't care to make them better
I am an evil Commie: Either way, though, you're giving Christianity a bad name, and you're mocking another user's name.
ssj6goku: I am not giving Christianity a bad name, because I have been saying no religious comments since the last time they deleted my posts
"Yeah right." I would say. I looked. Almost all his posts from then on still contained religious comments. Gee, spamming AND lying about it, too! I would have corrected him on that, but he changed the subject too quickly.
ssj6goku: Swordsaint deserves what he gets
I am an evil Commie: He deserved what he got IN THE PAST. He's changed. Just like I've changed.
I am an evil Commie: It's not like MUGEN Sex mocks me every single day because I posted a stupid topic about beating Evil Ken.
ssj6goku: So if someone murders a person in the past, do they not still deserve to be punished?
I am an evil Commie: That's murder. That's a direct violation of human life.
ssj6goku: Well I treat people that do something to me with extreme measures.
I am an evil Commie: _
I am an evil Commie: Then I'm suprised you haven't done anything to me yet.
ssj6goku: I've had nothing much against you up to this point
ssj6goku: I'm not a bad guy, everyone has their limits. Only I am very extreme when mine is reached.
I am an evil Commie: I'm not being mean, but you remember the time I challenged HFerg's "((Deleted)) IS GOD" thing violently?
I am an evil Commie: Then it's my belief you should work on that.
ssj6goku: Where is the fun in that?
I am an evil Commie: It's not supposed to be "fun".
ssj6goku: Plus, the whole "((Deleted)) is God" thing I never took seriously. I'm not that self centered.
ssj6goku: I understand some could have even found it offensive.
ssj6goku: ((Deleted)) is a giant ball of rage anyway. They test everyones limits there.
I am an evil Commie: [shrugs]
ssj6goku: If you saw what goes on in this board, you wouldn't care what I am doing anyway.
I am an evil Commie: Actually, I do. I have looked.
ssj6goku: Then you should be joining.
I am an evil Commie: No way.
ssj6goku: You have your choices, they have theirs, and I have my own.
I am an evil Commie: Indeed... I have my choices...
ssj6goku: And I don't care what choices you make, so why should you care what choices I make?
I am an evil Commie: Because some choices are wrong. And I'm trying to tell you it's wrong.
ssj6goku: Their choice of life is wrong
I am an evil Commie: Yes. And all we can d is pray for them, not make them angry.
ssj6goku: I told them I would pray, and they deleted it.
I am an evil Commie: So?
ssj6goku: So they don't want prayer
I am an evil Commie: That desn't mean you shouldn't. Rome didn't want Paul to talk anymore about Christ.
ssj6goku: I gave them an ultimatum, which is to beg forgiveness. If they don't take it, it will continue.
I am an evil Commie: Right. You REALLY think they'll ask for forgiveness? In their minds, they've done nothing wrong.
This is true. To have people ask for forgiveness, they have to think they're wrong. When you sincerely apologize to someone, you realize that you were wrong. The people at the message board didn't even THINK what they were doing was wrong. Heck, they didn't even know why they were getting spammed.
ssj6goku: Bush gave Saddam an ultimatum, and is now attacking. At least I'm not going to their houses and shooting them in the heads.
I am an evil Commie: To have them ask for forgiveness, they have to think they're wrong.
ssj6goku: I don't care if it is sincere or not. Just like a forced "I'm sorry."
I am an evil Commie: So? They still won't. Why should they?
ssj6goku: Then they will suffer
I am an evil Commie: And you will pay.
ssj6goku: How?
I am an evil Commie: I'm reporting you to EZBoard staff.
ssj6goku: And what are they going to do?
ssj6goku: Ban me? Thats real harmful.
I am an evil Commie: Possibly ban your e-mail address, IP Address, and the like.
I am an evil Commie: And probably get your "((Deleted))" account, too.
ssj6goku: I used 23 different email addresses, and my IP address always changes, and can be changed.
I am an evil Commie: Oh well. I might just keep reporting you.
ssj6goku: You've reported me?
I am an evil Commie: Yep.
ssj6goku: Now you have made a poor choice.
ssj6goku: Others will suffer for your own ignorance.
I am an evil Commie: Really? Like whom?
ssj6goku: Soon enough, you will find out.
ssj6goku: And now, I will only hit this board harder.
ssj6goku: You are trying to help them, but you yourself are only making it worse.
ssj6goku: Look who is an idiot now, smart ass.
ssj6goku: You are only provoking me further.
ssj6goku: Shows how intelligent you are.
I am an evil Commie: Yes. And it shows how intelligent YOU are as well.
ssj6goku: How does it show I am not intelligent?
ssj6goku: I am not suffering in anyway.
I am an evil Commie: Neither am I.
I am an evil Commie: You are a revengeful mad-man, intent on making people apologize, when he doesn't understand human nature worth crap.
I am an evil Commie: Now, goodbye.
Gee, sum up this AIM convo, and guess what you get? He's mad at me because I said I reported him to EZBoard. I think there's something wrong with that.
And, a couple days later, he filled my in-box with over 100 unsolicited subscriptions from different newsletters and promotions. Guess what my first reaction was?
Believe it or not, laugh.
Here this guy said he was going to make me suffer, and all he did was fill my e-mail inbox with spam. WOW. How harmful. I was expecting a virus or spyware, not a mere spam attack.
All that accomplished was waste a couple hours of my days for a week.
On a lighter note, a couple days later when this happened, I got Super Smash Brothers: Melee as a gift. SSBM = r0x.